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Wow, I really haven't posted in awhile, even though I'm always on LJ : P.

Lately I have been reaaalllyyy busy with school work, and during the summer, somehow I did not feel like posting.

Well, I'm alive and I just heard the new AAA song, Endless Fighters....


It sounds so good and completely Nissy-centric.

Can't wait to hear the full version.


AKB48 Ranking

I haven't talked much about my AKB48 Fandom, but recently I've been watching a lot of them.

AKB <- Link to the Ranker I used


A couple comments about the ranking. My all time fav is Yuko xD She's the best in my opinion.

Takajo got second because of her looks I suppose. I never noticed her before, but now with some of the attention she's been getting, I noticed her xD.

Third is Mariko-sama, shes pretty and I love the fact that shes so tall. It makes her really stand out. 

Fourth is Kashiwagi, another one that has gotten my attention, especially the recent AKBINGO episode, which had a lot of her in it.

Fifth is Takamina, which I like for her awesome voice and nice dancing.



Just finished watching a bunch of concerts of AAA because of a recent lack in homework. Just finished two tests <3! ANYWAYS.....

I watched Choice is Yours - the boys only concert
I thought that was an awesome concert. My favourites were probaly Get Chu! in the acoustic version and Saikyou Babe. Nissy's voice in those were so prettyyy <3
I also watched 4th Anniversary Live which is also really good. All the songs were good <3

I'm in the middle of downloading the depArture tour concert. I REALLY want to watch that one xD

I am also almost done Kamichama Karin xD Episode 26=P Then I'm probaly going to watch Gakuen Alice. I'm in the mood for that style of anime lately xD








AAA <3

I havent posted in awhile because I'm busy, but in that time I found a new favourite group of mine. It might have actually before some of the other posts (don't remember), but this is the first time I'm posting aobut them. It's the group I'm obsessed about now. Especially NISHIJIMA TAKAHIRO <3

Spam Time <3

Yay <3

AAA がとっても大好きです!今は、一番好きなゴループです<3 当たらし番組を楽しみにしてます!まだ見てないから >_<すっごくみたいです! そして、TUMBLING も楽しみにしています!!明日はいよいよのなつエピソード!!~!

Morning Musume Ranking!

Time to do a little ranking for Morning Musume. Since I was talking about Rankings before :P
 I don't have much time so I'm just gonna add a little bit to the picture.

1. Kamei Eri
Kamei Eri
My fav Momusu member xD! She sings and dances good and is funny ^^  Pretty nothing much to hate about her?Read more...Collapse )
I have reappared :P. I was away for a bit cause I got bored of writing about stuff. But since I was reading my friends LJ I felt like writing again. ^^  ANYWAYS....

I'm watching Arashi's Utaban performance for Troublemaker. It's good but I thought that the Music Station 1000 special's performance was better...Even though Sho wasn't there >_<!

Another thought.. I'm thinking of redoing my rankings. They seem out of date now. Maybe sometime..

Last thought!



Arashhi, Arashi, Arashi xD

I havent posted in so long >_>

I just read that Mikitty is coming on Shukudai-kun on the 7th so I'm kinda looking foward to that. I always like it when Momusu girls come on with Arashi on their shows xD.
I dun really do that much lately, not enough post other than my opinion of Aiba-kun and Oh-chan haschanged a little (for the better =P)
I wish i could post something but it seems kinda ussless cause I dun have much to do =P


NYC Boys~!

NYC - their debut song. I'm getting so addicted to it cause its so catchy and Yamada and Chinen are in it. To say the truth..I don't really like Yuma w/ B. I. Shadow all that much but, I suppose I'm warming up to them? I just finished watching the making and I can't help watching Yamada mostly ...xD

Other than that..I love the set where all of the juniors are running around in those colourful shirts xD. The set with 3 levels and stairs and I love the part at the end where they jump off it. Seems so cool (only cause I know that I would be SO freaked out..). In the making Yama-chan said that it was his first PV since turning 16 and I thought that was so cute xD. On that note, I watched Tantei Gakuen Q for maybe  the 5th time? Just basically looking at Yama-chan, he seems so cool in that. Then after that it dawned on me about One Pound Gospel so I looked at some of those for Yama-chan xD

I've been also watching some Cartoon Kat-tun again for no reason and I watched the episode where the doctor came and gave them all sort of really random tests. I loved the eye part. A.I.SHI.TE.RU xD The end was really hilarious with Kame and doctor alone.
Doctor: "I think we should go out together."
Kame: "Gomenasai" *walks out*
Doctor: "Gomenasai?" "Gomenasai!?"


I also watched some Arashi no Shuukudai kun and VS arashi. The one with GACKT was hilarious.


Yay Arashi <3333. I've fallen in love with Everything. It's such a good song. I've heard it on shows quite a bit and I guess I started liking it after that? LOL xD

I post really small posts don't I...not really much to say ^^

Thats about it for today, maybe add new post tomorrow on..YUKAN CLUB <3


Not much to talk about..

AHHH SO FRUSTRATING (>_<)! I cant sub....I don't understand what their talking about. Its so frustrating. I think I might re-think it.  On another hand...watching Yossie's graduation concert again today. Couldn't help it xDDDD Love it.